Why Do Rainbows Have Seven Colours? | Snippet Science

All Draw Curiosity videos are fully subtitled in English and Spanish. The blog post builds on the concepts touched upon in the video.

Today’s video is a trial of a short-form series and also a filler. Having just returned from holiday and now catching up with work and scripts, I preferred to put out something short and sweet rather than nothing at all. Nonetheless, I’d love to hear your opinion on the series “Snippet Science”, so feel free to complete the poll in YouTube cards (just click the ‘i’ overlaid in the video) to let me know!

If you come up with a mnemonic rule, please feel free to share here as I’d love to feature you.
So far, in the hall of fame is:

Rub Your Gut Before Vomiting

– My Dad

I hope you enjoyed and learned something new today! Let me know what you think in the comments – I would love to know! If you enjoyed this blog and would like to be notified of new entries, consider signing up to the mailing list here and subscribing to the YouTube channel!

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