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About Inés

Inés speaking at FameLab Oxford

Inés, which rhymes with space, is a DPhil student at the University of Oxford researching the biomechanics of insect flight, and a bilingual science communicator both on-stage and online. Her award-winning YouTube channel has over 25K subscribers and over 600K hits, and on stage she is an entertaining, engaging and enthusiastic speaker.

If you would like to book me for your event, feel free to get in touch below with details about your event.


About Draw Curiosity

Draw Curiosity is a website that aims to draw your curiosity towards the interesting science that hides in the world, breaking down apparently complex topics into simple concepts and unveiling the lesser known sides of science.

You can find out more about the origins of Draw Curiosity here.

I make several series on Draw Curiosity:

  1. Draw Curiosity – 3-7 minute science video
  2. Snippet Science – where I talk about a scientific concept in 2 minutes or less
  3. Docuriosity – where I make more longform content, exploring a concept in-depth!
  4. Raw Curiosity – where I take you along with me to events that revolve around science
  5. Science Live – where I livestream about science, or share the stories from other science communicators who feature on my channel.
  6. Pocket Science – science experiments with things that fit in your pocket

In addition to that, I frequently collaborate with other science creators, media production teams, researchers and other guests.

If you know of someone / research / anything you think should be in a Draw Curiosity episode, please do get in touch.

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