Draw Curiosity is mostly a one woman band – the ideas, scripting, blog post writing, filming, editing, close captioning, thumbnail creating and Spanish translations are all done by myself – but in spite of that, Draw Curiosity wouldn’t be the website it is without the invaluable help and contribution from the following people:

Art and Design

I am forever grateful to Cristina de Manuel and Caro Waro, exceptionally talented artists who designed the channel art, characters and animation for the Draw Curiosity blog and YouTube channel.

Caro Waro (artist)
CaroWaroCarolina Ibáñez de Aldecoa Marín is an illustrator known as Caro Waro. Seville, 1990. Currently, she lives in Madrid. She is a Fine Arts graduate, has worked as a concept artist and animator in several mobile games, as Art Director in the mobile app THEINK, or as an illustrator in games such as JAK AND POI and ÉPICA.

Her greatest and most recent achievement was the desktop editing and publication of ASTEROID, a character design Artbook drawn under the technique she knows best, watercolours.

Visit her Facebook page here!

Cristina de Manuel (animator)
Cristina de ManuelAnimator and artist from Malaga, currently living and working in Madrid. She is a Fine Arts graduate, specialized in animation at ESDIP. She worked on the animation and pre-production of the “Uberminner” commercial, as 3D animator for the “Space Touch” commercial, and she collaborated on “Mars Love”, “300.000$” and “The Sweet Hearts”. She carried out her clean-up practicals at Spa Studios. This year, she has worked as a 2D animator for “Asteroid”, the children’s series “Little Big Monsters” and currently she is the 2D animator for the videogame “World Never End”.

Visit her Facebook page here!


Draw Curiosity wouldn’t sound quite the same without the talented soundtracks composed by Thastor and CryoSleepKitten – who both kindly allowed me to use them in my videos.


CryoSleepKitten is a Swedish music composer who makes electronic music on his soundcard equipped computer, and is the background music to Draw Curiosity’s videos.

Listen to more of his work at:


Thastor is a Finnish music producer who composes tropical and mystical electronic dance music, and is the music for Draw Curiosity’s theme tune.

Listen to more of his work at:
YouTube Channel


I would also like to thank Mina Ashley Armanini and Joseph Mason for encouraging me to start and keep up with this project. Without their help and encouragement, Draw Curiosity would not be what it is today.